Read this before submitting 

Thank you for sharing the joy of your cats with us!  Pictures that do not follow the submission guidelines are not eligible for selection.  Read the submission guidelines below and then select the button for the form to submit. The deadline to submit your cat pictures is Friday August 4th 9pm PT



permission, portrait, & DPI 

You must be the legal owner and have the right to grant us permission us to use the image ( be careful to not include branded products & copywritten items or images) 

We prefer images in portrait mode rather than landscape. 

Only good quality JPEG images with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher are eligible for selection 


kickstarter backers only 

You will need to be a confirmed backer of the Kickstarter project and enter your backer number in order to qualify. You will need your backer number in order to submit your pictures. 

Back the project, find your backer number, then submit your pictures

To find your backer number, select "View pledge" and scroll to the bottom of the pop up window. 

Cat 38.jpg


what are we looking for? 

We're looking for pictures that lend themselves to telling a story. Those times where you have caught your cat in the act of revealing their inner Ninja, Paratrooper, Champion Licker, Secret Spy, Hang glider, or Rockstar. Modified (photo shopped) pictures are acceptable but we also love your cat just the way they are! 

There is a 10MB limit on your upload and low res pics will automatically be disqualified- so choose wisely!